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AddressScheepmakershaven 59, 3011 VD Rotterdam
Telephone+31 6 15 864 875


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Company information

ExperienceOver 180 recycle projects (Vessels of all sorts and sizes, platforms, jack-up rigs etcetera)
Type of serviceShip & Offshore Recycling and Supervision, Waste Management, Inventories (IHMs), Legal Compliance, Consultancy

About us

Sea2Cradle is a global expert in green maritime recycling. We are on a mission to transform the maritime recycling industry into a truly safe and sustainable sector, with due respect for people and our planet. We apply proven health, safety and environmental standards from the offshore sector to all recycling projects to strive for zero pollution, zero incidents and zero accidents.

Sea2Cradle acts as intermediary and/or broker on behalf of ship owners and oil and gas companies, ensuring their vessels and rigs are recycled in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner. This starts with good planning and an accurate inventory of hazardous materials, followed by a stringent recycling facility selection process.

Our multinational team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals in the shipping and offshore industry. During supervision at the recycling and waste treatment facilities, Sea2Cradle superintendents see to it that work is carried out in a safe and environmentally sound way.

Over the past twenty years, we have successfully completed over 180 recycling projects and performed more than 250 inventories of hazardous materials. Our projects vary greatly in size and type, ranging from cargo and cruise vessels and all kinds of tankers to dredging and offshore vessels, FPSO’s, and rigs.

We are a trusted advisor for governments for developing regulations and technical guidelines and we participate in various working groups in this field. To promote green recycling options for the maritime industry we perform market research and assist recycling facilities in improving their operations.