Ship Recycling

Ship-owners, financial institutions
Ship recycling is a crucial link in the chain of the whole shipping industry, other players also fulfill an important role to contribute to the sustainability of the shipping industry.

Ship-owners and ship financing institutions, are therefore an integral part in the chain of responsible and sustainable shipping. A cradle to grave philosophy for (financing) their assets supports ISRA’s worldwide goals. These organizations can contribute substantially to green recycling.

ISRA has intensive contacts with (inter)national organizations:

  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) concerning the requirements for the Hong Kong Convention;
  • European Commission, considering the EU- Ship recycling Regulation and its implementation;
  • European Parliament;
  • Policy issues with the competent policy authorities in various countries;
  • National oversight authorities concerning violations of regulation;
  • National parliaments.

In addition ISRA has a close relationship with various organizations:

  • Maritime service providers;
  • (International) ship-owners (associations);
  • Financial institutions;
  • (Maritime) education institutes.