On the 28th of January ISRA held its General Meeting in Amsterdam. Of course the General Meeting started with the commemoration of Tom Peter Blankestijn, who passed away on the 12th of august 2019.  Tom Peter meant so much for ISRA and will be severely missed by all of us. 

General Meeting
The General Meeting was very fruitful. Various important subjects were addressed : a long term framework for budget rules, the relationship between the ISRA standards versus the EU-list, the permanent need to be active in the field of illegal exports of and the developments concerning the Hong Kong Convention.  
The meeting concluded with a speech from the director to the say goodbye to Adem Simsek as chairman ISRA and the unanimous appointment of Dr. K. Galanis as the new chairman. 

12,5th Anniversary of ISRA
In the evening of the 28th    a dinner was arranged to celebrate the 12,5th Anniversary of ISRA. At that occasion Adem Simsek commemorated , in the presence of the wife and daughter of Tom Peter, Machteld and Roos, Tom Peter as a very fine person who contributed tremendously to the sound and safe recycling of ships.

Secretary General Bernard Veldhoven in his address referred to the very successfull period of  ISRA during the chairmanship of Adem Simsek and announced that the board of ISRA appointed Adem Simsek to “Honourable Member of ISRA” for his life.